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  • Family Therapy

    Your feeling disconnected from your kids.  They seem more interested in social media and watching youtube than spending time with the family.  Their behavior has become disruptive and your worried and frustrated.  There is more yelling than listening.  Slamming doors, tantrums, defiant behavior is a daily struggle.  You feel overwhelmed and helpless in how to get your family back to enjoying each other.

    We believe every family deserves to live a healthier happier life.  We are dedicated to helping you feel more connected to your kids, address dysfunctional communication patterns and manage difficult behaviors without resorting to yelling, fighting or feeling helpless.

    You can feel more confident as a parent and have calmer family moments together.

    How a family counselor can help you in marin county

    Our family counselors will work with both the parents and children or teens to create better boundaries and develop effective parenting tools.  Families can get stuck in old patterns that create family conflicts.  The family therapist addresses these problems and provides opportunities for family members to work together to solve poor family patterns.  Connection, boundaries and respect build a safe family environment for positive change.

    Family therapy for child and teen behavioral problems, tantrums, and more

    When someone in your family is struggling with depression, anxiety, behavioral problems or substance abuse the whole family suffers.  If you are open to changing how as a family you communicate and support each other then you can create a calmer, happier family.  Parenting is messy, we can help you sort through the struggles and build a calmer more connected, thriving family.