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  • Emily Carlson, AMFT

    Associate License #133981

    Child, Teen and Young Adult Therapist in Marin County

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    In my experience people already know what they want or need but are unable to fulfill their desires. My job is to reflect to you what you already know about yourself by supporting you through the fear, uncertainty, anxiety and grief that sometimes comes with moving towards who you are. 

    I am interested in exploring all elements of your experience. As a therapist, I am there to guide, support, listen and validate your journey. My work is designed to fit your needs and includes integrative modalities that explore the mind-body-spirit connection. We will work together to discover how your unique experience of the world can be used to understand your inner strengths. 

    Child and Teen Therapy Support

    I have experience and training on treating grief, neurodiversity (ADHD), peer issues, trauma, anxiety, and depression for adolescents, and teens. I provide parent coaching by supporting caregivers in building healthy relationships with their children.  Children have the same emotions as adults: anger, sadness, grief, and anxiety to name a few. However, children’s brains are not fully developed to help them verbalize their experiences. It can be challenging for caregivers to know how to help. In my experience, the difficulties your child experiences are often expressed through changes in your child’s play or behavior. Understanding what your child is communicating and how to respond is what I do as an adolescent therapist.

    I enter your child’s world using many therapeutic techniques to understand their experience. After a trusting relationship is established, we begin to identify what your child is experiencing and develop better ways to express and cope with those feelings. From here, children can gain access to the needs they have and learn new ways to communicate them to the caregivers in their life.  


    My Therapy Specialties

    • Child Therapy

    • Teen Therapy

    • Parenting Support

    • Neurodivergent Therapy

    • Grief Therapy

    • Trauma Therapy

    • Depression

    Child, Teen and Young Adult Therapist in Marin County

    Emily Carlson is an Associate Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a master’s degree in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies.  She is supervised by Robbin Rockett, PsyD license number PSY17943.  Emily’s therapeutic work includes elementary academic settings. Her experience and training has focused on treating grief, neurodivergence, peer issues, trauma, anxiety, and depression. She has also supported caregivers in building healthy relationships with their children.