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    You are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and dreading the next tantrum.  The screaming and crying outbursts are a daily event, and causing enormous stress on everyone.  You’ve tried bargaining, yelling, bribing, timeouts, and nothing is working. You’re exhausted and burnt out. Your marriage, career, and social life is suffering. 

    Nothing seems to help make it better, easier.

    Help with tantrums, teens acting out and more in Marin County

    You don’t want to parent like your parents or have the kids get angry with you.  You don’t want to yell so much.  You end up feeling like a bad parent and stressed about how to manage or avoid the next meltdown.  You wish the kids would just listen to you. 

    Say no more, I get it.  I’ve worked as a family therapist with all sorts of families: single parents, divorced parents, parents to small children, preteens to older teens, and extended families with grandparents in the home. I know how much you want a happier, calmer life. I will collaborate with you to teach effective parenting tools to help you take charge of your family in a loving, fair, and neutral way. I also work with children and teens to teach them cognitive-behavioral, emotion-focused, and interpersonal communication skills to manage their self-defeating thoughts, emotions and behaviors.  

    I believe all families deserve to live harmoniously and lovingly.

    Family counseling for children, teens and young adults in Marin County

    I am passionate about helping families build better relationships in order to overcome behavioral struggles. I will work closely with you and your child or teen to create a loving, respectful and connected relationship.  My purpose is to support each family member emotionally while teaching effective parenting skills so you can take back control of your home life and have a calmer, happier family.

    My Therapy Specialties in Marin County

    Family Therapy

    Child Behavioral Problems

    Teen Behavioral Problems

    Adolescent Depression & Anxiety

    Family Therapy in Corte Madera, CA

    Jennifer is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Sonoma State University, and undergraduate degree in psychology from UCLA. She has over five years experience providing parent skills training and working with families, children and adolescents. Jennifer has worked as a therapist in school settings, in the home environment, and outpatient clinics. Her experience and training has focused on childhood/adolescent behavioral issues, parenting and co-parenting work, family therapy, developmental trauma, anxiety and depression.