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  • Rachel Cortes, AMFT

    Associate License #130151

    Child, Teen and Young Adult Therapist in Marin County

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    Life challenges and stressors are inevitable but it is our relationship with these that can turn  pain and suffering into healing and growth. I aspire to play a role in this healing journey by helping people explore the parts of themselves that desire change, connection and internal peace. I believe that the key to this is a collaborative relationship between therapist and client and one that is built on trust. I strive to help others by creating a safe space full of warmth, and where one can feel empowered to find the courage to lean into their discomfort. 

    As a first generation Filipina-American, I am passionate about supporting others on issues related to acculturation and inter-generational trauma. I understand there may be stigma around mental health and therapy within different communities, and approach this with care and curiosity. My own intersections of identity have fueled a passion to honor and hold those across all intersections of identity. 

    I have experience in working with elementary age children around issues related to anxiety, depression, family and peer conflicts, ADHD, OCD, homelessness, grief and trauma. Across all these issues, my main work was in strengthening the relationship between child and caregiver. 

    My Therapy Specialties

    • Child Therapy

    • Anxiety Therapy

    • Depression Therapy

    • Identity Development

    • Acculturation and Cross Culture Issues

    • Life Transitions

    • Stress and Burnout

    Child, Teen and Young Adult Therapist in Marin County

    Rachel Cortes is an Associate Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, graduated from The WrightInstitute / Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology in Sept 2021.  She is supervised by Robbin Rockett, PsyD license number PSY17943.  Rachel’s has provided individual and group counseling to elementary school students.  Collaborated with caregivers, school staff and outside providers to create goals for treatment plans based on desired areas of change.  Has worked as a crisis counselor since 2018.