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  • Teen Therapy in Marin County

    You’re struggling with connecting or understanding your teen.  As a parent, you feel stumped. Maybe you’re wondering if your teen is dealing with depression, has issues learning, or challenges in making friends. We know that as a parent it can be hard to connect with your teen.

    “Why are they challenging me so much?”

    “Why are they talking back?”

    “Why don’t they care?”

    “How was your day at school?” And you get grunts, “fine” or nothing.

    It makes it hard to just be with your teen. Teenagers are in a different place right now, and we’ll help you meet them there. When you see your teen struggling, it’s scary.

    How Teenage Counseling can Help Your Child

    Teen therapy can help by giving you a way to understand what your teen is going through. We’ll help you figure out what’s normal, and what’s worth being more concerned about. We’ll help you reconnect with your teen, and gain an understanding of why they’re making the choices they’re making. Because when you’re connected with your kid, it’s easier to get to the heart of what’s really going on with them. We’ll help you get through the teen years.

    What to expect:

    We’ll start by meeting with you to understand where your family and your teen are struggling. We’ll meet with you regularly, as well as your teen.

    We’ll start by building an alliance with your teen so they feel like they can talk honestly and openly about what they’re struggling with. We’ll add to your teen’s coping skills to help them deal with the stressors that are overwhelming them at school, with friends or within your family.

    Your teen will have a place to come and work through, discuss, and learn how to better handle difficult situations in their teenage life.

    We’re Teen Therapists With Offices in Corte Madera

    Marin Wellness Counseling specializes in teen therapy for depression, anxiety, and more. We are located in Corte Madera, CA. We also serve San Rafael, Novato, Sausalito, and the rest of Marin County.