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  • Parenting a Teenage Girl: 3 Ways Parents Can Support Teenage Daughters

    There are plenty of stereotypes surrounding teenagers—especially teenage girls. Some of those common themes are in place for a reason. Teen girls have to go through a lot.

    Not only are they dealing with bodily changes and an influx or hormones, but they also might be facing inequalities for the first time.

    Teenagers face a lot of pressure, in general. It could be argued that girls have to face even more.

    As you might expect, that isn’t easy. So, it’s not uncommon for teenage girls to be frustrated, or lash out at times. Alternatively, they might start to show signs of depression. 

    So, what can you do as a parent to support your teenage daughter? Let’s look at a few practical tips for parenting a teenage girl.  

    1. Ignore the Occasional Attitude

    You might think that nipping that eye roll in the bud will put a stop to your teen’s attitude. But that isn’t necessarily so. 

    Your teenager isn’t going to have the best attitude every day. Remember, they’re dealing with a lot. While there’s a fine line when it comes to the rules you have and the respect you command in your house, you have to be willing to let the little things go. Pick your battles.

    If you decide to reprimand your teen every time they give you an eye roll or show off some of that attitude, you’ll end up in multiple arguments a week. Those arguments can end up pushing your relationship further apart. 

    So, rather than calling them out, talk to them calmly. Suggest that when they act a certain way, roll their eyes, or speak in a condescending tone, it’s hard for you to have a good conversation with them. You can use that as an opening for a solid, productive talk.

    2. Show Them It’s Okay to Fail

    As a parent, you want your child to succeed at any age. But, by the time your daughter is a teenager, you have to learn how to let her “fail” sometimes. Obviously, you should still guide her and help her when you can. 

    That doesn’t mean holding her hand through everything. 

    She’ll face challenges throughout high school. Sometimes, things won’t go her way. While you can be there to support her, you shouldn’t be the one to “fix” things. 

    Girls, especially, need to learn how to fail and get back up again. It will build resilience and strength, and those are characteristics that will be crucial for them as they become adults. Failure often leads to success later on, so teach your daughter to fail the “right” way, by trying again without doing everything for her.

    3. Help Them See Reality

    One of the best ways to support your teenage daughter is to show her how to be critical. Teens today are inundated by social media and instant access to celebrities from their phones. Unfortunately, the Internet often paints a perfect picture of models, influencers, etc. It’s easy for teenage girls to fall into the trap of thinking airbrushed images and professional photos are real. 

    Help them become critical of those things. Teach them to see the world how it really is, without any kind of filter or editing. When they start to realize that what they see online isn’t the full picture, it’ll boost their self-confidence. They’ll learn to walk with their head held higher, and that’s another skill that will be incredibly useful as an adult. 

    Raising teenage daughters isn’t easy. But supporting them and connecting with them can make your relationship strong. It will also make you more confident when your daughter steps into the real world on her own. Keep these supportive tips in mind, and you’ll both benefit from them. 

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