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  • Therapy for Mothers in Marin County

    Mothers Therapy

    You’re doing it all…


    ✓raising the kids



    ….and still trying to find time for yourself and with your partner.

    Work, kids, partners, maybe even a co-parent, it’s a lot to juggle!

    Whether you are a working mother, single mom or stay at home mom there is never a moment for you to slow down and breathe.  It’s exhausting and overwhelming keeping all the balls in the air with so little support.

    Why can’t I keep up with everything?

    Why do I yell at the kids?

    How do I take better care of myself when I have no time?

    You are working so hard trying to care for your family and yourself but it feels like it’s never enough.

    Maybe you’re struggling with anxiety or depression, making it even more difficult to cope with the normal chaos and stress of family life.

    At Marin Wellness Counseling we help moms thrive…..we will help you find yourself again and build a better life with your family.

    Mothers with Anxiety & Depression

    • We’ll tackle the negative thoughts and feelings and develop ways to manage them
    • We’ll strategize ways to take better care of yourself

    Mother Support

    • Learn tools to manage your kids difficult behaviors
    • Gain a deeper understanding of your young child’s tantrums or teens negative behavior
    • Create a better connection with your children

    Relationship Help & Marriage Counseling for Moms

    • Discover ways to improve your relationship with your partner or co-parent
    • Develop skills for setting boundaries and communicating needs

    We can help you feel less alone, more capable and confident as a mom!

    Marin Wellness Counseling specializes in providing help  for moms with depression, anxiety, and more in Corte Madera, CA. We also serve San Rafael, Novato, Sausalito, and the rest of Marin County.