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  • Psychological Testing and Assessments in Marin County

    Psychological testing refers to the systematic and objective assessment of an individual’s mental and emotional processes, behaviors, and characteristics. These assessments are designed to measure various aspects of a person’s cognitive abilities, personality traits, emotional functioning, and behavioral patterns.

    Marin Wellness Counseling provides psychological and neuropsychological evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults. Our approach to testing is holistic, collaborative, and strengths-based.

    Our assessments provide you with diagnostic insights into questions you have related to:

      • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

      • Behavioral problems

      • Depression, anxiety, and other mood concerns

      • Impaired cognitive functioning

      • Psychosis 

      • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

    Neuropsychological Evaluations

    We provide neuropsychological and psycho-educational testing for children and adolescents ages 6 and up. Neuropsychological assessments can help answer questions that you or your child’s school may have about your child or teen’s behaviors or academic performance. 

    Our assessments are comprehensive, meaning we measure cognitive, neuropsychological, academic, and social-emotional functioning. Our assessments guide families to better understand their children and teens, providing a holistic overview of their child’s challenges, strengths, and needs, as well as recommendations to best support your child or teen at school and at home. 

    We also provide thorough neuropsychological testing for adults, including comprehensive ADHD evaluations. At this time, we do not provide diagnostic evaluations for Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

    Psychological Evaluations

    Psychological testing provides a thorough understanding of a person’s mood and emotional functioning, illuminating what may be underneath social and emotional challenges that are areas of concern for you or your child. 

    If you or a family member are struggling with challenges related to mood, a psychological evaluation can help. Psychological evaluations are thorough assessments of an individual’s mood and personality, and can provide valuable insights into one’s sense of self, relationships with others, coping skills, as well as obstacles that may be getting in the way of your ability to live a more fulfilling life.

    If you are already in therapy, a psychological assessment can help you and your therapist gain clarity about your psychological diagnosis, guide treatment planning, and provide you with a deeper understanding of your mood and emotional functioning. If you are not in therapy, an assessment offers a place to start, providing tailored recommendations based on assessment findings. 

    The Benefits of Psychological Assessments

    Overall, psychological testing is a valuable tool in the field of psychology, helping professionals gain insights into individuals’ cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning for a range of purposes.

    By examining a broad range of factors, clinicians can differentiate between ADHD and other conditions that may present with similar symptoms. Additionally, understanding the interplay between various domains helps create a more individualized and effective treatment plan. It also helps identify areas of strength that can be leveraged in coping with challenges related to ADHD.

    In short, a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment (one that includes personality, mood, cognition, executive functioning, and academic functioning) provides a more holistic understanding of an individual’s cognitive and emotional profile. This approach is essential for accurate diagnosis, treatment planning, and intervention strategies for conditions like ADHD.

    Psychological Testing and Assessments offered in Marin County

    Marin Wellness Counseling provides psychological and neuropsychological evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults in our Corte Madera Offices in Marin County.

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