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  • How Parent Coaching Can Help You See Underlying Meaning in Your Child’s Behavior

    It’s not uncommon for children to express themselves through different behaviors. Sometimes, however, those behaviors can consist of lashing out, throwing a tantrum, or showing defiance. 

    As a parent, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lost when your child is displaying those behaviors. 

    May you think you’ve tried everything, and you’re out of disciplinary actions to take. If your child’s negative behaviors continue, that feeling of defeat will also continue. 

    But, there might be more to your child’s behavior than meets the eye. Think of your own behaviors when you’re overwhelmed, stressed, or exhausted. You might not act the way you typically would. Your child could be “acting out” the same way. 

    Parent coaching can help you see the underlying meaning in your child’s behavior. If there’s more going on beneath the surface, getting to the root of the issue will help you get those behaviors under control and work with your child, rather than feeling like you’re against them. 

    With that in mind, let’s look at what parent coaching can do. 

    What is Parent Coaching?

    If you’ve never heard of parent coaching before, it’s important to know what to expect. 

    The purpose of parent coaching is to help you (and your family) understand your child’s behaviors and learn what you can do to improve them. Most parents who receive coaching have tried other options and can’t seem to get their child’s behavior under control. 

    Each parent coaching session is customized to fit the needs of an individual family. So, you’ll be discussing your child only, rather than dealing with a “cookie-cutter” template that works for everyone. 

    During parent coaching, you’ll work with a coach to understand why your child might act out a certain way. Once you can uncover those behaviors, you’ll learn how to strengthen your bond with your child and work with them to develop more positive ones. 

    What Could Be the Underlying Meaning?

    There is no “ideal candidate” for parent coaching. But, it’s often beneficial for parents of adopted or foster children, children who have gone through traumatic events, or those who have mental health conditions like ADHD or those on the Autism spectrum. 

    Throughout the coaching experience, you’ll learn how your child’s behaviors could mean something completely different from what you may have expected.

    For example, if your child fights you on getting ready in the morning, they could be scared of leaving your home or being social with other people. If they kick and scream when they’re in the car, they may have had a traumatic experience in their past that you’re unaware of. 

    Parent coaching will help you identify those potentially deeper meanings so you can talk to your child about them. It will allow you to take a different approach as you address their behaviors. 

    There is No Judgment With Parent Coaching

    When you learn more about the underlying meaning in your child’s behavior, you can work with them to find positive alternatives. When you and your child stop butting heads and bonding more, the behaviors are likely to decrease in severity. 

    One of the best things about parent coaching is there is absolutely no judgment. No matter what else you may have tried or what your child’s behaviors are, it’s a safe space. Parent coaches understand the difficulty of deciphering behaviors, especially when your child acts out frequently. They can provide unbiased solutions to help you get closer to your child, so you can work together for a calmer and healthier future. 

    If you’re interested in parent coaching or want to learn more, feel free to contact me. You’re not alone in your frustration, but help is available. With coaching, you can take comfort in knowing the best times with your little one are still to come. 

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